[evoz] Social Justice Film Night

Our Social Justice Film Night will be presenting two on Palestine.

5:30pm Thursday, Nov. 16Cedar Shores - 75 Gorge Rd WestIn the Recreation Bldg.
Smokey on Bun & Beverages will be served @ 5:30pmFilms start @ 7pm

"Weaponising Water in Palestine"

Gaza’s only freshwater source, the Coastal Aquifer, cannot meet demand and has been depleted by over-extraction and contaminated by sewage. Rising temperatures and sea levels are only making life more difficult, while in Israel, residents do not have to worry about their taps running dry.

This film explores how occupation and the climate crisis have made Palestinians some of the most water-insecure people in the world.

"Rebel Architecture: The architecture of violence"

Israeli architect Eyal Weizman explains how architecture plays a key role in Israel’s occupation of Palestine and modern warfare.

Sponsored by the Victoria Friends of Cuba committee

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