[evoz] Social Justice Film Night

Social Justice Film Night Presents:


Thurs.... Feb. 22 at Cedar Shores 75 Gorge Rd. West in the Recreation Bldg.

5:30pm Sautéed Smokies, Veggies & Beverages will be served at $10 each.

Film Starts at 7:00pm

Hi friends,Tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 22 our Social Justice Film Night will be showing the film "CUBA in a BOTTLE”.

From rarely filmed religious ceremonies, to the barracks of the sugar cane cutters, legends from the world of music, sport and film, reveal how rum is the lifeblood of the country and still remains the pulse of the Cuban soul.

Anyone with even a fleeting relationship with Cuba knows that rum has influenced virtually every aspect of Cuban culture. From belief systems to music to revolution, rum has been there, playing its part. "Cuba in a Bottle" tells its story throughout each step of the island's history, with hand drawn animation and a diverse cast which reflects the melting pot that is Cuba's past and present.

We hope you and your friends can join us.

Victoria Friends of Cuba

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