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CUBA - Peace, Solidarity & Resistance

Since January 1st, 1959, Cuba and the Cuban Revolution have been a critical force for peace in the Americas and worldwide. From its inception, the Cuban Revolution stood proudly in the service of the oppressed and dispossessed, and continues to stand against imperialist aggression, occupation, and war. Recognizing imperialism as the greatest enemy of peace, mighty Cuba has resolutely stood as a fortress against all odds, in the service of peace.

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (Instituto Cuban de... Amistad con los Pueblos (ICAP), was formed in 1960 by Fidel Castro, and has played a critical role in informing people outside of Cuba the progress and achievements of the Cuban Revolution. This despite threats, attacks, a suffocating blockade and the occupation of a foreign military base from the world's most powerful imperialists - the USA. Today, ICAP has relations with over 2000 solidarity groups around the world, and is the Regional Coordinator of the Americas for the World Peace Council.

We are proud to announce that we will be hosting a Cuban delegation from ICAP, including Vice President Victor Gaute and North American Director Leima Martinez that will tour Canada on a mission of Peace, Solidarity and Resistance from June 4th to 16th, 2024.

Our event will be at:

7pm Wednesday, June 12

@ BCGEU Hall

588 Burnside Rd. East

Sponsored by the Victoria Friends of Cuba Committee & the Vancouver Island Peace Consul

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