Social Justice Film Night

Filmmaker Asraf Mashhrawi examines the political, social and economic history of the split, analysing major events such as the Oslo Accords, the Fatah-Hamas conflict, the Israeli blockade of Gaza and the attacks of recent years - with interviews from Israeli experts like Haaretz journalist Amira Hass and lawyer Sari Bashi.

The film includes the story of Mohammed Hajran who comes from Jericho but lives in the Gaza Strip. His case shows how Palestinians continue to suffer from the territorial divide and Israel's increasing control on their personal movement.

Mohammed's family has been split with his brothers in different territories, his wife with the wrong Israeli ID, and his son born in one place but registered in another.

"Gaza and the West Bank are only three hours travel apart", he... says, "but I still have to travel for three days and cross two countries to see my wife and children even though we live in the same homeland. This is strange. You have to get your passport stamped, cross borders and two countries. It's pure humiliation."

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