This World Oceans Day, lets stop Kinder Morgan 

This World Oceans Day, let’s stop Kinder Morgan  r1 ...

Funding Indigenous lawsuits is our best bet for stopping Kinder Morgan



In this time of major political uncertainty in BC and the world, campaigns like Pull Together that support Indigenous lawsuits to block unwanted fossil fuel projects are needed more than ever. 

This June 8th is World Oceans Day, and June is BC’s first “Orca Month”. To protect the coast and creatures we love, we’re going to raise some big money together. Are you in? 

Like the tiny canoe of our Pull Together logo, bristling with warriors, confronting a hulking supertanker, small actions from our people-powered movement can make a big impact on a global scale.  Indigenous defenders of the land, air and water are achieving victory after victory in the courts. When we pull together, we can win this fight for Indigenous rights and stop Kinder Morgan in its tracks.

It’s an honour to work with everyday climate heroes: people like you, who stand in fierce solidarity with the Tsleil Waututh, Coldwater and Squamish Nations. But taking big oil to court costs big money.

Using Pull Together’s easy tools, online fundraisers are reaching their goals by sharing why protecting the coast and our endangered orcas matters to them. And they’re earning great Pull Together incentives along the way!

Be inspired by people like Reynold Reimer, whose team “Calgarians Opposed to Kinder Morgan” raised $1,500. And Brian Lynch, who set a goal to raise $500, motivated by the example of Standing Rock. Then there’s Ruth Walmsley, who has raised $2,973 from friends and family who are sponsoring her to walk from Victoria to Burnaby next week as part of the Walk for the Salish Sea. You can donate to any one of those fundraisers or, better yet, set up your own! 


We who oppose Kinder Morgan are powerful in number.  We have powerful convictions. And we are powerful in our unity with Indigenous peoples whose commitment to protect their traditional territories is unshakeable.

Now in the days and weeks leading up to World Oceans Day, we’re calling on you to pull even harder. Together we’ve raised almost $300,000, let’s go all the way to half a million.

Join us: Set up your online fundraiser at Questions? Visit for instructions, tips and a step by step guide to setting up and making the most of your online fundraiser.

This World Ocean’s Day, let’s Pull Together and stop Kinder Morgan.


In solidarity, 

The Pull Together Team
Susan, Ana, Andrea, Mary, Caitlyn, Mark, Ali and Jason

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