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URGENT: Big Oil wants to drill in a conservation area of the east coast — and Minister LeBlanc is caving into the pressure.

Highly endangered right whales that swim in the area are already washing up dead, and if this absurd plan goes through, it could be disastrous for them and thousands of other species.

More than 10,000 Leadnow members have already sent messages urging LeBlanc to ban all oil and gas activity in this critical ocean habitat. Will you add your voice before the deadline for comments in 4 days?

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URGENT: Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc  — responsible for protecting our oceans —  is caving in to pressure from Big Oil. After multiple meetings with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, LeBlanc and his team want to allow oil and gas exploration in 80% of a proposed Marine Protected Area in the Laurentian Channel.[1-2]

Marine Protected Areas (MPA) are ecologically significant parts of our oceans that the government shelters from man-made and industrial threats, so species can recover, and our oceans remain healthy. Allowing oil & gas activity in MPAs flies in the face of their very purpose.

The Laurentian Channel is slated for protection because it’s home to vast concentrations of unique sea life, and is a critical migratory route for endangered species, like whales and leatherback turtles.[3]

In the past few weeks alone, seven right whales — one of the most endangered whales on the planet, who also migrate through Channel — were found dead just outside it.[4] As scientists are calling for emergency action, LeBlanc’s considering granting Big Oil access to drill and blast in the very place they swim through.

But the plan isn’t final and together we can stop it. LeBlanc set up a special email inbox for the public to comment on his plan, and it closes in 4 days. He’s barely advertised it because he knows a huge public outcry will force him to backpedal. We’re counting on the Leadnow community to blow the whistle —and we’ve got a simple tool that lets thousands of us flood the inbox with messages.

Supa, don’t let Minister LeBlanc sell out our oceans to help out his friends in Big Oil.  Will you send a message to LeBlanc calling on him to ban oil exploration in the Laurentian Channel MPA ? With the inbox closing in 4 days, we have to act fast.
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With hope and respect,

Brittany, on behalf of the Leadnow team


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