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From: Comite por la Libertad de Milagro Sala This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> Subject: We need your help - #FreeMilagroNow Boletín de Noticias


We need your help to arrive at 50,000 signatures to petition Argentine President Mauricio Macri to immediately release social leader and Parlasur Deputy Milagro Sala, unjustly detained for more than 500 days. There is still time to add your voice... and invite your friends by going to the page www.liberenamilagro.org and sharing with your social networks.


This coming Tuesday the 1st of August at 11am (Argentina) the Committee for the Freedom of Milagro Sala will deliver the petition to President Mauricio Macri. Already more than 43 thousand people have signed from around the world. Among the signers are the Ex President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, the cinematographer Oliver Stone, the founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange, the Spanish Judge Baltazar Garzón, the president of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto, The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Founders Lineage Taty Almeida, Lita Boitano, of Families of the Detained and Disappeared for Political Reasons, members of the European Parliament, Parlasur Deputies, and hundreds of scientists, journalists, actors, academics, social, union, and political leaders, from all corners of the globe.


There is still time. Share the petition with your networks with the hashtags  #LiberenAMilagro y #FreeMilagroNow.  If there are political prisoners, there is no democracy.


We're counting on you. With gratitude, Comité por la Libertad de Milagro Sala


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No more political prisoners in Argentina. Sign the petition to #FreeMilagroNowhttp://www.liberenamilagro.org/

We will not go back on human rights! No political prisoners in Argentina. Sign the petition to #freemilagronow 

We need to stop the violation of human rights in Argentina. No more political prisoners. #FreeMilagroNow 

Join the campaign #FreeMilagroNow to help the Argentine social leader who was illegally imprisoned. http://www.liberenamilagro.org/

There is no democracy while there are political prisoners. Sign the petition to #FreeMilagroNow  http://www.liberenamilagro.org/

Milagro Sala, an indigenous women, imprisoned for her activism. #FreeMilagroNow http://www.liberenamilagro.org//

Comite por la Libertad de Milagro Sala



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