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Friend --

When we decided to run a progressive, grassroots campaign for Saanich Council in the Sept. 23 by-election, we knew it was going to be tough.

That’s why we’ve been knocking on doors all summer long. Now, our ground game is beginning to pay off. All over Saanich, Nathalie Chambers lawn signs are starting to pop up. It’s absolutely inspiring to see so many progressive voters boldly showing their stripes.

I’m writing to ask you if you’ll consider doing the same. You can pick up a sign at the Madrona Farm Veggie Stand, 4317 Blenkinsop Road on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11-2, or visit to request a sign delivered to your door.

Our orange and green signs celebrate the new era of politics in BC. With Elizabeth May and Lana Popham, Saanich has progressive representation federally and provincially - it's time for a progressive Council as well!

Please, consider showing your support with a lawn sign, by volunteering to join our team, or by making a donation to help cover the cost of materials as we make the final push towards E-Day!

Thanks for your support,

Keith Cherry, Campaign Manager

Nathalie Chambers · Canada


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