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Kinder Morgan is continuing to push forward and so are we.

PIPE UP hosted and collaboration events are:

Action Scenario Workshop - November 13 @ 5pm (Near Fort Langley - address given upon registration)- In collaboration with Stand with Kwantlen we are hosting a workshop for people who want to prepare for non-violent direct action. With construction on the horizon, let's prepare for resistance scenarios and build a skilled community opposing this destructive project. We will have scenarios for groups to plan, role play, and debrief on - even if you do not enjoy role playing, it is one of the best ways to get prepared!

Legals of Activism Workshop - November 21 @ 6pm - Decades Coffee Chilliwack- Come ask your legal questions about participating in Direct Action- Mary Lovell from Greenpeace will be joining us to go over our concerns.

Eyes on the Ground- Everyday, along the pipeline route, we need you to keep your eyes on Kinder Morgan. We have already caught them illegally putting down salmon spawning mats and we know they are doing work on private lands. Take a walk or a drive by parts of the proposed expansion route and let us know what you see!

Other events:

Pints not Pipelines - Thursday, November 9 @ 6pm - A fundraiser for First Nations lawsuits against Kinder Morgan.

Frontlines Fundraiser: Kwantlen Healing Lodge and Elder Eagle Eyes - November 25 @ 7pm.

Do you have any skills that would be useful for on the ground work? Let us know and we'll add you to our Direct Action teams! Or do you want to find out where you fit in? Let us know and we can get you to a workshop, or teamed up with others that can help you skill up!

Justine Nelson
Chapter Coordinator
604 773 2416
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