Right now, the BC Government is deciding whether to cancel Site C or allow it to continue - and if we act fast, we can convince them to scrap the dam.

The government can’t afford to alienate progressive voters, and that means your voice is a powerful weapon to stop Site C.


A scathing new report just dropped exposing that the Site C dam is way behind schedule and set to blow through its budget – by billions. [1]

The unecessary Site C dam could cost us over $10 billion, while our province's schools and hospitals are crying out for funding and so many of us are already struggling to pay our hydro bills. [2]

And the worst part? If the dam goes forward, billionaire fracking and tar sands corporations will get a massive handout, in the form of below-cost power, subsidized by your hydro bill. [3-4]

Right now, the BC Government is deciding whether to scrap the dam or allow it to continue -- and you can bet the fracking lobby are turning up the pressure, hungry for Site C’s below-cost power.

But the NDP government knows they can’t afford to alienate the progressive voters who brought their NDP-Green alliance into power, which means your voice is a powerful weapon against the pro-dam fracking lobby.

Will you send an urgent message asking the BC Government to stand up for BC ratepayers, Indigenous rights, and our environment, by immediately cancelling Site C? The government could make up their mind on Site C any day now, so we can’t afford to wait.


If the Site C dam goes forward, your hydro bill will skyrocket to subsidize below-market power for billionaire fracking and tar sands corporations. As if that’s not bad enough, the dam would also:

  • Violate Indigenous rights: The dam would flood Indigenous burial grounds, and disrupt traditional fishing practices. West Moberly First Nation Chief Roland Willson called it “cultural genocide”. [5]
  • Threaten critical wildlife habitat, and destroy prime farmland: Site C would disrupt habitat for our grizzlies, wolves, and endangered caribou, and precious farmland that could feed a million people. [6]
  • Cost more than sustainable alternatives: The BC Utilities Commission report found that green energy alternatives like wind and geothermal could produce power as cheaply -- or even more cheaply -- than the Site C dam. [7]

Despite the evidence against Site C, the BC NDP government is under massive pressure to approve the megadam. We’ve just learned that pro-dam political insiders are planning backroom meetings at this weekend’s NDP party convention to rally support for the dam. [8]

But the NDP government knows that alienating the progressive voters who brought their NDP-Green alliance into power could cost them the next election -- and if enough of us speak out against Site C now, it could convince them to cancel the dam.


Leadnow members have been fighting Site C for years. Last year, hundreds of you chipped in to help First Nations launch a cross-country tour that helped make Site C a national issue. In the BC election, you helped defeat the pro-dam Clark government, and convince the NDP and Greens to work together to form a government committed to giving Site C a second look.

The BC NDP government made good on their promise to ask the BC Utilities Commission to review the dam -- and now the scathing results are in. We’re closer than we’ve ever been to stopping Site C, but if we’re going to win, we need to ramp up the pressure now. Will you send a message now?


With hope and respect,
Jolan and Rachel on behalf of the entire Leadnow team

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