This week only: Jerome Flynn will double your donation

There’s an easy way we could double our income, even triple it.

How? Accept funding from governments and big business.

These days many charities do that all too readily.

But we won’t. We value our independence too much, and we know that money always comes with strings attached.

Our target is to raise $15,000/ £12,000 – will you help us reach it? Actor Jerome Flynn, aka Bronn from Game of Thrones, has generously promised to gift match any sum we raise up to $15,000, so your donation will be doubled – ethically – at no additional cost to you, and at no risk to Survival's independence.

Please donate to Survival to keep our voice strong and free →

We’re known for our uncompromising campaigns that can last for decades – however long it takes to get justice for some of the most vulnerable peoples on Earth.
We’ve always stood up against the governments, mining corporations, loggers, and others who take tribal peoples’ lands and destroy their lives, no matter how powerful they might be.

We simply won’t compromise our core principles. So we rely entirely on people like you to stand with us in this fight.

Please donate to support our independence and our uncompromising campaigns →

We know it’s a lot to ask – but the need for our work has never been greater.

Reports of a horrific massacre of uncontacted Indians earlier this year showed that, more than 500 years after Columbus, tribal peoples still face genocidal attacks that threaten their very existence.

The more of you who stand with us, the louder we can make their voices heard. Please donate today →

On behalf of everyone at Survival, thank you.

Best wishes,

Stephen Corry

PS. Survival refuses government and corporate money: Your donations guarantee our integrity and independence. Please support our radical work with a monthly donation and help prevent the annihilation of tribal peoples. We depend on you!

Survival International USA, PO Box 26345, San Francisco, CA 94126
Survival International, 6 Charterhouse Buildings, London EC1M 7ET, UK

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