Do you want to DO something?

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Do you want to:

• Stop Kinder Morgan?

• Defend Indigenous rights to self-determination?

• Curtail fossil fuel expansion by tackling tar sands at the source?

• Pass on a thriving natural world to future generations?

If you are shouting “YES”, then you’re definitely a RAVEN Ally! This giving season, would you consider officially joining RAVEN's Circle of Allies? As a monthly donor, you will be putting reconciliation into action, and joining an unstoppable movement for justice led by Indigenous Peoples.

"We have to continue to fight for environmental and Native justice no matter where we live. From across the country I say keep fighting!" ~ Dale, Nova Scotian online donor. JOIN THE CIRCLE

"I watched from close by as the Nathan E Stewart was pulled from the water on my birthday, just a few miles from where I was born in Bella Bella. I watched my family and community cry and work tirelessly to do something - anything to help. It’s a devastation. It was impossible to contain. It’s clear that this was a grave and preventable error due to lack of respect for our waters. It will affect us for years and years and years to come. It hits us in our economy and in our hearts and way of life. We have to fight this. Because it should never happen again." ~ Zoe, online donor.

In 2017 (so far!) RAVEN donors have raised more than $1-million in legal defence funds for 14 nations who are leading 7 cases to protect their rights, their culture, and the environment that supports everyone. Wow. We are so proud to be in alliance with ALL OF YOU, from near and far:

"We live above the Mni Wiconi across the Salish Sea. Our gift is given in honor of all who show up, raise their voices to protect our sacred lands and waters and for all the good hearts we've met on this path.” ~ Helen, online donor.

"The battle against fossil fuels development isn't something private, it's for the survival of our sons, wherever they live on this planet." ~ Maximillion, European online donor.

Please help to sustain the heart that powers RAVEN: Join the RAVEN Circle of Allies.

With gratitude for all your support, all year long,

Laurie, Jan, Susan, Ana, Leah, Josie, Andrea + Christopher
The RAVEN Team

Ways to Give

By joining the Circle of Allies, you are supporting all of our work by funding the backbone of RAVEN’s operation. If you prefer to donate to a specific campaign, click here.

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