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As 2017 comes to an end, RAVEN donors like you are making commitments to defend Indigenous rights and leadership.

“I firmly believe that our only hope of 'saving the planet' is to stop the reckless pillaging of our natural resources, and one of the most effective ways is to support First Nations' land claims and treaty rights. Thanks for all you do." ~ Susan, online donor.

RAVEN donors have enjoyed some big wins this year, and with your help we will continue to create great change for the planet.


"We are seeing the work that RAVEN has been doing over the past years as some of the most effective work bringing together two of our most closely held values - human rights and environmental protection. We bow to you for the work that you are doing, and we stand with you. We are grateful to have such a worthy organization to put our fundraising dollars toward.”” ~ Bandidas Taqueria.

PAOV — Please donate now to the legal defence of your choice.

"I feel that First Nations groups have the best chance to stop the continuing development of the Tar Sands and, hopefully, to close them altogether. Our world cannot sustain this ghastly pollution of the land." ~ Jackie, online donor.

"We can no longer sit passively and hope things will work out. Now is the time for action. As is often the case, our nation’s aboriginal people have the thankless role to act as the canaries in the coal mine. We are being given a warning, we must heed it. All of us must stand behind the Heiltsuk who protect our natural treasures, for now and for our children." ~ Shannon, online donor.

Do you want to act now, and help to sustain RAVEN’s strong impact all year long? RAVEN’s goal is to get just 45 new monthly supporters - to make sure that we continue to take bold steps for the world we need in 2018 and beyond. If you haven’t already, will you join the Circle of Allies and become one of RAVEN’s 45 new monthly donors?

Donate We extend to you our thanks and from all of us at RAVEN, best wishes for 2018!

With love and solidarity,

The RAVEN Team

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