Hey, Paov! Thanks for making health care more affordable

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Dear Paov --

Thank you!

Starting today, unfair MSP fees will be reduced by 50% because of you. You raised your voice with thousands of others for fairness and affordability. And it’s working.

Hooray! Click here to send an email to the government to show your support for this move.

During the provincial election, you made it clear that the government needs to eliminate unfair MSP premiums and advance a clear plan to integrate these fees into British Columbia’s regular income tax system.

And the new government listened to you.

MSP fees past dueSo how much is the MSP fee cut?

Individuals will... save $450 a year. [1]

A family with two adults making over $42,000 a year will save $900 a year.

That’s $900 more dollars to help cover housing, transit, childcare, or other essential needs.

Make no mistake about it. In an era of deepening inequality and growing challenges to affordability, this is a huge victory.

But there’s still work to do.

MSP premiums doubled under the previous government.

B.C. is the only province in the country that still imposes a flat fee to pay for health care. It’s unfair and regressive fee that disproportionately burdens working class people.

And while cutting MSP fees by 50% is an important step, we still need the government to integrate MSP premiums into the income adjusted tax system and follow through on their promise to get rid of unfair fees altogether.

We need to pay for health care in a fair way.

Cutting fees will mean a lot less money for health care and programs that many British Columbians rely on.

Big business and anti-tax advocates will surely fight against replacing the revenue through our income adjusted tax system.

That’s why we need hundreds of you to send a message to our government leaders so that they know you support getting rid of MSP fees altogether and rolling the fees into the regular income tax system.

Click here to send a message to our government leaders and your MLA to

  • Applaud the decision to cut MSP fees in half as a step in the right direction towards eliminating MSP fees altogether and,
  • Tell them you want revenues to be rolled into our regular income tax system in a progressive and fair way.

Again, thank you for acting on this decisive victory. Let’s keep up the pressure to ensure we have a public health care system that works for all of us.

Edith and Rick,

Co-chairs, BC Health Coalition

P.S. A new task force has been struck to advise on how MSP fee revenues should be replaced. In January, we will contact you again to take action for fairness and affordability. So please stay tuned!

[1] Monthly Premium Rates - Medical Services Plan, https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/health-drug-coverage/msp/bc-residents/premiums/rates

The BC Health Coalition exists thanks to the generous support of people from all across the province. If you'd like to donate to help fund our work, click here.

British Columbia Health Coalition · 3102 Main St, 302, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories, BC V5T 3G7, Canada

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