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Dear Paov --

Tomorrow, February 5 @ 6pm, PIPE UP is hosting a "Legal Support" workshop in Abbotsford at Clearbrook library (front room).

This is part of our series getting prepared for actions against Kinder Morgan. We want to make sure that if you decide to act, you are as prepared as possible!

This workshop is focused for those that might be interested in providing legal support to actions (there is no "law" experience necessary). We will go over the "legals" of activism briefly, talk about the importance of having a team focused on legal support and what legal support looks like. Whether you want to be support, or you think you... may need support, this is an important workshop!

Also, note in your calendars that PIPE UP's AGM is going to be March 15 - Stay tuned for more info.

Justine Nelson

604 773 2416

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PIPE UP Network

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