Back off Trudeau and Notley

Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley think they can push you around.

After the BC Government took a courageous stand to defend BC waters from tarsands pipelines and tankers, Prime Minister Trudeau threatened to hold ocean protection funds hostage, and now Alberta Premier Notley called for a BC wine boycott. [1,2]

Notley and Trudeau are trying to bully British Columbians into accepting Kinder Morgan’s pipeline and tanker project.

But if they think we’ll let them force the project through -- without consent from First Nations and local communities -- they’re underestimating how far the people of BC will go to defend the place we call home.

A massive petition signed by thousands of BC residents will show Trudeau and Notley that we won’t be bullied into accepting Kinder Morgan’s toxic pipeline.

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Trudeau and Notley are playing a dangerous game. Trudeau is risking key seats in BC that could cost him the next election. By attacking another NDP premier, Notley is fanning flames of division within the party -- flames that could consume her legacy.

If thousands of BC residents speak up and say we won’t let them bully us into accepting Kinder Morgan, we can show them that they’re taking huge risks to pick a fight they can’t win. It could be enough to convince them to stop meddling with the BC government’s smart leadership to defend BC waters from oil spills.

The thing about bullies is they only have power when people stay silent. It’s time to take a stand against the schoolyard bully tactics from Notley and Trudeau.

Together we can show Trudeau and Notley that their attacks on BC are backfiring and that they can’t push the people of BC around. Click here to sign the “We will not be bullied” petition.

We’re in this together,

Jolan and Logan, on behalf of the entire Leadnow team


[1] No carbon cuts or ocean protection without pipeline, Trudeau says

[2] Alberta moves to block B.C.’s wine imports in dispute over Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

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