a few hours left!

You only have a few hours left to have your say in the BC government’s survey on the referendum on how we vote.

British Columbia is gearing up for a referendum on voting reform next fall -- where voters will decide whether to modernize our voting system with a proportional system to make our democracy stronger, and up-to-date.

Here is the quick survey about general preferences and democratic values. You don't need to know details about different electoral systems in order to fill it out!

Fill out the survey now

The design of the referendum - things like the wording of questions and the options of voting systems given - could seriously impact the outcome. If we don’t get a fair referendum, we could find the deck stacked against us in the fall.

Now we have a chance to tell the government we want a fair process, but we need as many people as possible to weigh in so they hear us.

Will you take five minutes and give the government feedback on the referendum process?

Fill out the survey now

Filling out this survey is just the beginning. Opponents of proportional representation, “the no side”, have already launched, and BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson sees defeating the referendum as a top priority.[1]

We’re up against elite interests who want to keep the status quo, so they can continue to pull the political strings to their benefit. We can’t let the referendum design also work against us. Will you fill out the survey, and help ensure the government sets up a fair referendum in the fall?

Fill out the survey now

The survey is divided into two parts, and if you’re short on time, you can exit before part 2.

Need more support in filling out the survey? Our friends at Fair Vote have put together a question by question guide with thoughts on how to answer some of the trickier questions.

If thousands of us tell the BC government how we want the referendum to be designed, we can take the first step in winning this thing, but there are only a few hours left to take this survey, and Supa, we’re counting on you. Will you take 5 minutes to fill it out?


We’re in this together,

Rachel on behalf of the Leadnow team


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