Thunderous affirmation of people power

Thunderous affirmation of people power r1 ...


AMAZING NEWS!! Kinder Morgan Canada Limited today announced that it is suspending all non-essential activities and related spending on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. KML also announced that under current circumstances — “specifically including the continued actions in opposition to the Project ” — it will not commit additional shareholder resources to the Project.

You guys, it’s working. Our principled opposition is wearing the company down. This is far from over — it's going to take sustained pressure to make it clear to shareholders that neither we, nor Indigenous Nations, nor the B.C. government, are backing down — but this morning, we have a great reason to cheer. Let's celebrate with Indigenous protectors whose voices, and prayers, are being heard.

The lesson of today is that Indigenous rights, when they are exercised, defended and enforced, are really scary to industry. That is why we need to support actions like this and why standing with Indigenous Peoples so they can access justice is not only the right thing to do — it’s a gamechanger.

Watch the video of Naomi Klein’s statement from her visit to Burnaby Mountain on April 8th and please support RAVEN with a donation.

On Sunday, Naomi Klein joined hundreds of supporters as the entire executive of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, including Grand Chief Stewart Philip, stood before the gates of the Kinder Morgan facility on Burnaby Mountain to risk arrest.

But the police never came. Why? Here's Klein's take:

"What’s really interesting about that is that it’s Kinder Morgan who decided to shut down the action today and not to send in the police to enforce the injunction. They did that clearly because they did not want an image of the Grand Chief of the UBCIC to be arrested and to expose the lie that there is Indigenous consent for the Transmountain pipeline expansion.

I think they were very very afraid to have images beamed all over the world of all these powerful indigenous Chiefs being arrested because they oppose the pipeline.

So rather than have those images out in the world, they shut down production! I think that tells us something about the power of Indigenous rights about the power of Indigenous leadership."

Klein goes on to describe the links between what's happening on the coast to the committed opposition to the project by the Secwepemc Nation, who, together with the Coldwater, Tsleil Waututh and Squamish Nations, are in court fighting Kinder Morgan. And, she links the struggle against this one pipeline to the monumental Beaver Lake Cree challenge — The TarSands Trial — which stands to slow or stop tar sands expansion by enforcing Indigenous treaty rights.

We were up on Burnaby Mountain too, feeling the power of this committed movement and what we have achieved together. The very next day the company announced that they were suspending new investment and taking until May 31st to review the project's feasibility in the face of opposition from B.C.

This is far from over folks: the pressure will be even bigger now towards Kinder Morgan's May 31 deadline. But this shows the power of all of our work.
You have fundraised, donated, and organized like absolute champions, and we know we can call on you to stand when Indigenous leaders need allies in their struggle.

"I’m glad I got to witness this I’m glad I got to be part of this historic day and I am leaving today all the more convinced that the most powerful weapon against these projects, that are completely incompatible with a livable planet, is respect for Indigenous rights.

And that means that all of us who are not Indigenous have a really sacred duty to defend those rights and help to strengthen those rights rights. This is the time to show up in numbers.

When investors see people committed and even be willing to be arrested —then they see that sense of urgency. Investors get spooked. Investors are afraid of Indigenous rights and that’s why we need to dig in and also support Indigenous lawsuits. People who are watching can look into Raven Trust."

Klein's video is well worth watching in full: view and share it here, or read the full transcript. It's so important to see how these struggles are linked, and to receive such a ringing endorsement for the work of RAVEN and our incredible community.

Thank you for all that you do,

Susan Smitten, and the entire RAVEN team

p.s. Learn more about the Beaver Lake Cree case and how this Nation is taking on industry giants in their territory here: Copyright © 2018 RAVEN, All rights reserved.
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