BC referendum

Dear PAOV,

Thousands of Leadnow members have already told us to go all in to win proportional representation (PR) for BC this fall -- but we still haven’t heard from you. do you want Leadnow to launch the biggest campaign we’ve ever run in BC to help win PR for our province?


BC's referendum on electoral reform is a once in a lifetime opportunity to usher in a new kind of politics to BC, and we can’t afford to let anti-PR pundits trying to cling on to our current system jeopardize this chance to upgrade our democracy.

We’re up a against a well-funded “No” side who are already plastering the province with an anti-PR misinformation campaign -- and the road to victory isn’t going to be easy. [1] But we know that when the Leadnow community comes together to push for progress on the issues that we care about -- we get results.

PAOV, we need to hear from you by midnight tonight, because we’re sitting down tomorrow morning to review the results and make our campaign plans. The BC government just announced that the referendum is happening this October, and if the Leadnow community is up for the provincial battle of the decade, we need to get our campaign off the ground ASAP.

If you want us to go all in to win proportional representation for our province, will you sign the pledge now?


We’re in this together,

Chloe and Rachel on behalf of the Leadnow team

P.S. - Click here if you want to help us fund our campaign to help win PR for BC: https://secure.leadnow.ca/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1694&ea.campaign.id=84226

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