Sign the petition to save BC's old-growth forests

Sign the petition to save BC's old-growth forests

Call on the BC government to take action on the crisis in old-growth forests!

Dear Paov,

In its first year in power, the new BC government has taken some positive steps for the environment. But they’re ignoring one of this province’s most incredible assets: old-growth forests.

The vast majority of low-elevation old-growth forest has already been destroyed, leaving only about 10% of the biggest, oldest trees still standing.

Sign the Petition Now! Despite this scarcity, the industry is still permitted to log these ecosystems at an alarming rate. On Vancouver Island alone, more than 9,000 hectares of old-growth forests are cut down each year – that’s more than 34 soccer fields per day!

While corporations continue to liquidate forests, provincial politicians are doing nothing to address this crisis.

The previous BC government dismissed claims that we’re running out of old-growth and refused to take action. Despite being well-briefed on the situation, it seems the current NDP government is ready to do the same. But you and I aren’t going to let that happen. In fact, more than 1400 people have already signed the petition. Sign the Petition to Stop Old-growth Logging Now Rainforests cover a tiny percentage of the Earth’s surface and the importance of these ecosystems cannot be understated – from endangered species habitat to the traditional resources of Indigenous peoples to tourism opportunities to carbon storage potential, original forests provide much more than replanted forests do.

At the Wilderness Committee we’re working with First Nations, forest industry unions, municipal governments, scientists, business leaders and other environmental organizations to make the plight of old-growth forests an issue the premier can no longer ignore. Already signed this petition? That's great – we'll be in touch with you in the coming weeks about the next steps in ramping up this movement. In the meantime, help us grow it by sharing the petition with your friends and family, by email or on social media!

For the ancient rainforests,

Torrance Coste,
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