When's the last time you took a risk?

Adbusters 138

Dear Wild Hearts,

When's the last time you took a risk?

The wait is over: Adbusters #138, The You Risk it All Issue is here, ready to take you out of your comfort zone and on a new mental journey—to pull you from the smog of modern mundanity and land you face-first into the real.

This time we're taking aim at all the risks you're not taking yet —

The thoughts you're too scared to voice,

The ideas you won't share online,

The movements that can change your mind... and our world.

Occupy Silicon Valley

The world needs you to take a chance—to risk it all—or stand by and watch as it falls apart. Ecologically, politically, and—more than anything—mentally, we live in wild times. The madness that surrounds us must be met not with reason but with risk.

Stop being polite and pragmatic. Bring back wild abandon and return to naked intuition. Reject empty grandstanding and embrace direct honesty.

Our Risk it All Issue says "fuck you" to compromise and ordering the world via unquestioned systems . . . It jumps in bed with chaos, taking down established order to lift us all up together.

Take a chance. Take a risk. Change your life.

Let's play fucking jazz and never miss a beat.

For the Wild,

Team Adbusters

Adbusters Media Foundation

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