BC caught destroying mountain caribou habitat – again

BC caught destroying mountain caribou habitat – again r1 ...

New video footage shows BC still clearcutting habitat

Dear Paov,

Breaking news! There’s clearcut logging happening right now in critical habitat of at-risk southern mountain caribou. This logging, approved by the BC government, is in federally mapped critical habitat for the caribou.

BC is displaying their total lack of responsibility to protect species at risk. We need you to contact the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna and tell her to call an “emergency order.” Once that’s been enacted BC will be forced to stop logging in critical caribou habitat.

Take Action

Acting on a tip, Charlotte Dawe the Wilderness Committee’s conservation and policy campaigner and I headed up to check out reports of an active logging site in southern mountain caribou habitat.

What we found confirmed our worst fears. Even though minister McKenna declared on May 4 that our threatened southern mountain caribou population’s chance for recovery is under imminent threat due to the ongoing loss of habitat, the BC government continues to issue permits for logging in critical habitat areas. We were able to get video evidence of a clearcut within critical habitat that was being felled right before our eyes.

The government of Canada estimates only 3,800 southern mountain caribou remain and populations are declining. Ten herds now are made up of fewer than 100 animals. Minister McKenna has the power to put a stop to extinction logging like the site we visited by issuing an emergency order under the Species at Risk Act (SARA). She needs to do so now. Watch the video then write to the minister today. Take Action For the wild,

Joe Foy | National Campaign Director
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