It's time for fossil fuel polluters to pay their fair share Web Version Donate | Leave a Legacy Dear Paov, The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) represents all of BC’s local governments. Next week, on September 10-14, this body will have its annual conference – and this year there is something special on the table. Local governments will vote on whether to demand that 20 of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies pay a fair share of climate-related costs in BC communities. This year, BC communities were battered by a series of wildfires, floods and other impacts made worse by climate change. The cost of these disasters is on the rise, and BC taxpayers cannot afford to pay 100% of the amount required to adapt to and recover from climate change impacts. Right now, fossil fuel companies assume that they won’t have to pay a share of these costs –... and this assumption has to end. Please consider sending a letter to your Mayor and Council encouraging them to support UBCM Resolution B128 - Climate Accountability for Fossil Fuel Companies at this year’s UBCM conference. Your voice really does make a difference: your local government wants to represent what’s important to its constituents at the conference. Write your letter today! Please share this action among your networks. We want local governments to hear loud and clear that BC communities want them to take meaningful climate action by asking fossil fuel companies to pay a fair share of their costs. In hope and solidarity, Andrew Gage, Staff Lawyer Anjali Appadurai, Communications and Engagement Specialist Share Tweet Forward West Coast Environmental Law 200 - 2006 West 10th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6J 2B3 phone: 604.684.7378 fax: 604.684.1312 toll-free in BC: 1.800.330.WCEL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Update Profile Manage Subscriptions and Unsubscribe Climate Law in our Hands is a project of West Coast Environmental Law.

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