Protect Dasiqox Tribal Park

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Cancel Fish Lake mine exploration permit
Stop destruction in Tsilqot’in Nation’s Dasiqox Tribal Park

Dear Paov,

Taseko Mines is about to bring drill rigs and heavy machinery into the fragile area of Fish Lake to begin digging trenches, constructing roads and drilling core samples. All this for a mine rejected twice by the federal government of Canada.

How is that you ask? On her way out the door after her party lost the election, former Premier Christy Clark issued a mine exploration permit to Taseko Mines at Fish Lake – for a mine they are not allowed to build!

It’s time to tell Premier Horgan to rescind the mine exploration permit.

Write Now!
For many years the Tsilhqot’in Nation have with great effort, cost and sacrifice successfully defended their territory around Fish Lake from a proposal to construct a massive open-pit gold and copper mine there. They have declared 300,000 hectares of this area as the Dasiqox Tribal Park – making it off-limits to industrial activities.

Although a BC court upheld Taseko’s exploration permit, the Tsilhqot’in are appealing this decision and seek an injunction to stop these activities.

Tell Premier Horgan to rescind the exploration permit immediately to prevent further damage to the Fish Lake area and the surrounding Dasiqox Tribal Park.
Write Now! Help stop the destruction of the beautiful Fish Lake area that has great spiritual and cultural value for the Tsilhqot’in people. For the wild,

Joe Foy | Co-Executive Director
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