LNG Canada will blow BC's climate targets out the water

LNG Canada will blow BC's climate targets out the water r1 ...

LNG Canada spells disaster for BC climate targets

Dear Paov,

A liquefied natural gas (LNG) project looks like it will go ahead in Kitimat on BC’s northwest coast.

That means our climate targets are officially blown out of the water.

Investors have confirmed they are ready to go ahead with the LNG Canada project. Meaning, they have all the subsidies and tax breaks they need from our provincial and federal governments to bail-out this ill-conceived fossil fuel expansion.

Make no mistake – this is a direct government subsidy in the expansion of fracking in BC. Fracking is an industry that pollutes billions of litres of fresh water every year and leaks enormous amounts of methane – a potent greenhouse gas – into the atmosphere. It jeopardizes the health of local First Nations and communities and fragments precious habitat for species like endangered caribou. Fracking operations would be used to syphon out massive amounts of natural gas required to supply the LNG Canada plant at Kitimat.

But it’s not too late to stand up.

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LNG Canada and the thousands of fracking wells it would require will create 8.6 megatonnes of carbon pollution – nearly as much as every passenger vehicle in the province. Yet the BC government has set our newest climate target at a 14 megatonne reduction by 2030, after announcing we are missing our 2020 target.

There is no way the BC government will be able to make that new target and build this LNG project.

That’s why the government needs to hear from us. Andrew Weaver, BC’s green party leader, has promised he’ll put an end to the current coalition government if the NDP ignores our climate targets.

Join more than 10,000 supporters who’ve signed a petition demanding the BC government put an end to fracking. And an end to this disastrous LNG project. Sign Our Petition One look at our track record on meeting climate goals shows we can’t afford to take this huge step backwards. Thanks for signing the petition to put an end to fracking and LNG.

For the climate,

Peter McCartney
, Climate Campaigner
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